Thursday, May 17, 2012

"Write a brief post about your experience to date. Did you find the experience fairly easy? Did you face any challenges?"

I thought this part of the blogging experience was fairly easy because I have set up a blog before. I have also put things into a blog, so I thought the Voki part was fairly easy as well. My toughest part was trying to make my Voki look like me, but that was not working, so I decided on the moose :). I am curious to see what other experiences we will get to partake in during the 11 tools! 


  1. I like your Moose, the color scheme goes with the blog. I'm not much of a blogger and like to stay away from technology over the summer.
    Only 10 more tools to go...good luck
    jan marie

  2. Summer is half over...better get busy on those tools!!