Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tool #3

"Share with your readers which sites you found most useful for your content and why. 
Find and select two videos that may be useful resources in your classroom.
Articulate what you learned about copyright and fair use. What was new to you?
Create a 
Dropbox account and add some files to it.  How could you use this tool in your classroom?"

I use YouTube almost exclusively in my class because that was one of the only resources I knew of once I began teaching. I looked at TeacherTube and found the PDF and Word Document options useful. The website I found most helpful is the ViewPure! I think this site is WONDERFUL! I will defiantly be fixing my YouTube videos and use this in my classroom this year. Also, the editing websites are also very helpful! (Wonderful tools that I will be able to use this next year)

This video helps explain and gives examples of Nonverbal Communication:

Job Interviewing:

I was aware of the copyright are fair use law, but the videos were a good reminder. Also a cute was to explain the laws to students. 

Dropbox will be useful to have my students set up so they can drop things to each other, if a group would create one dropbox together. Also computer availability is sometimes an issue, so if we used different computers, students can drop their work there and know it will be on any different computer.  The dropbox website would also be helpful if I was using my personal computer at home and found something for school, I would be able to just drop it in one place. 

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