Monday, August 13, 2012

Tool #5

"Describe for your readers how you think each tool can be incorporated into your classroom - how you could see the tool being used by you instructionally and your students to demonstrate their understanding of a concept or topic in your classroom."

Wordle: Chapter 1


Last year, my students were already using stupeflix and prezi. Both of which I thought were very useful and creative! Loved them both for the projects my students used them for. 

These tools can be incorporated into my classroom for reviews, examples, and entertainment during lessons. The comic strip would be a cute way to reexplain things to my students. My students could use ANY these tools to create and show their understanding of a concept. They could create a comic strip to show their understanding of the communication process. The could use stupeflix to show a movie of different facial expressions. I think these tools could very easily be incorporated into my classroom this next semester. 

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